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Web Design

Importance of Web Design

Web design and SEO work more closely together than people think.  If you’re trying to improve your website’s ranking then it’s important to focus on several factors. 

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Web Design & SEO

Mobile First

In 2015, Google made mobile-friendliness a ranking factor and in 2017 they started mobile-indexing.  Mobile-indexing means Google uses the mobile version of the content on your site for indexing and ranking. 

If your site isn’t mobile ready, it could be the reason you aren’t seeing the traffic you expected.  Our web design team always has the mobile version of your site in mind while creating your web pages. 


The platform you choose is also very important.  Most templates and pages that you find on WordPress are referred to as responsive.  This means that the content, images and structure all look good on any device.

A tip to determine the responsiveness of your website is to shrink your screen when your viewing it on a desktop.  The images and content should shrink and adjust based on the screen size.  If this doesn’t happen…you need our help.

Page Speed

Page speed is also incredibly important.  I’m sure you’ve visited a site that took forever to load.  Your reaction to leave the site and find a faster site is typical of all users.   Google measures how often this happens through the Bounce Rate.  Bounce Rate is a metric we find in Google Analytics.  It’s a percentage of the users who found your site, didn’t interact with anything on the page and then left.  Having a high bounce rate can be detrimental to ranking on Google.

The goal of our web design team is to have your site load quickly.  This way we can keep your Bounce Rate as low as possible.

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