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Voice Search Optimization for 2021

voice search using a cell phone

Tips on voice search

Voice search has become pretty important since mobile traffic to websites has started to overtake desktop traffic in recent years. If you’re an Android user you know that Google has made it pretty easy to add their search bar right on your home screen. They have also made getting answers to questions extremely user friendly.

Tip #1

Do some keyword research on your industry and find out what customers are asking about the products you sell. By answering some of these common questions you increase the trust factor with your customers as well as drive more sales.

Tip #2

Create landing pages focusing on answering each question. An example I like to use is from the automotive industry. The questions I kept seeing over and over was, ‘Does a Toyota dealership work on Lexus vehicles?’ For those of you not familiar with automotive, Toyota owns Lexus. Not only were we able to answer that question, but we also included all the reasons why a customer should choose a certified dealership to work on their vehicle. We included warranty information, times the service department was open and links to pricing information.

Tip #3

Use Schema Mark Up. Schema is an incredibly powerful SEO tool. There are plenty of free examples out there to create schema tailored to you. If you aren’t familiar with code or don’t feel comfortable adding it to your site, contact us today.

Voice search has already become part of our everyday lives. Searches on Google Home or Alexa happen millions of times a day. Following the tips I’ve laid out above, you will soon become the authority when it comes to answering questions about your industry.